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  • From Elena Moreni

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    This tutorial - which was made in November 2020 by the SAOS Office and the Global Engagement Office - explains how to fill in the kit for the residence permit. Web:…
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    Zoom Recording ID: 82741854268 UUID: OEx9EmV3SqCHF5GQeeg2TA== Meeting Time: 2021-10-07T12:11:37Z
  • From Corrado Marastoni

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    Introduzione al corso. Teorema del Dini in 2 variabili.

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  • From Corrado Marastoni

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    INTEREST RATE MARKET: HOW ECONOMIC CHANGES AFFECT MATHEMATICAL MODELING In the last fifteen years many changes in the economic and financial world have caused a great…
  • From Maria Cristina Lavagnolo

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    Zoom Recording ID: 83702007932 UUID: MUN2ijxjRl69Acpjsx22ig== Meeting Time: 2022-10-05T13:28:34Z
  • From Tania Van Luyten

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    This Welcome Meeting was addressed to the exchange incoming students and to the double/joint degree incoming students.Presentation in PDF:…

Ad honorem

  • From ufficio dlm

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    Paolo Grossi, presidente emerito della Corte costituzionale, riceve il dottorato in Giurisprudenza. Giurista e accademico già insignito di numerosi…
  • From ufficio dlm

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    Frances Hamilton Arnold riceve il dottorato ad honorem in Scienze molecolari, su proposta del Dipartimento di Scienze chimiche e sulla base dei suoi meriti scientifici,…
  • From ufficio dlm

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    Michael W. Young è il primo dottore di ricerca ad honorem nominato dall'Università di Padova. In questo video la cerimonia e la sua lecture sui…

Canale del mese - Digital week 2022

  • From Marianne Grace Araneta

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  • From Marco Toffanin

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    Zoom Recording ID: 85197620598 UUID: E/0lcLyeRm+ykCqN0I0SbQ== Meeting Time: 2022-09-13T07:22:30Z
  • From Cecilia Dal Bon

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    Tutorial su Moodle al sito ->

I musei dell'Università

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